Country Dog Training Including Chasing problems

From £40

I have worked with many dogs and their owners over the years on problems such as chasing sheep and horses and this was the subject of my brief appearance on BBC Countryfile.

Specific training for dog owners that spend time in the countryside.

Training includes:

  • Assessing your dog and teaching / refreshing the necessary commands for countryside walks
  • Distance control
  • Chase reduction techniques
  • Training to combat general chasing and livestock worrying
  • Steadiness around wildlife
  • Understanding your rights as a dog owner

I feel very lucky to have met Keith who has helped, supported and guided me in the last few months turning my relationship with my dog completely around.  He is so calm and so kind – both to Moose and to me.

Keith is willing to come to see you at home, meet your dog at home and make, what seem like, small adjustments which have profound effects: from a change in toys and diet to assessing your dog’s personality and the style of training.

He has helped me understand Moose so much more, which has made my life and Moose’s much happier. Before meeting Keith I had been wondering whether Moose was too much for me.  We look forward to Saturday afternoons in the field with Dino and Keith if very alive to the different aspects of training that may mean I need a bit of extra help – no level of poor doggie behaviour phases him.

We also have one on one training which we both thoroughly enjoy.  I highly recommend Keith!


December 2023

Protecting Livestock and Wildlife: The Perils of Dogs Chasing Sheep and Wildlife

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the dangers of dogs chasing livestock, including sheep and wildlife. While dogs are cherished companions, it’s essential to understand that their natural instincts can sometimes lead to unforeseen consequences for the vulnerable animals around them. This page aims to raise awareness about the potential risks involved when dogs chase livestock and wildlife, and how responsible pet ownership can make a significant difference in preserving the delicate balance of ecosystems and agriculture.

The Impact on Livestock

When dogs chase livestock, particularly sheep, it can have severe consequences for the animals and the livelihood of farmers. The relentless pursuit and stress caused by the chase can lead to injuries and even fatalities among the flock.

Injured sheep are more susceptible to diseases, and the stress experienced can affect their overall health, milk production (in the case of dairy sheep), and reproductive abilities. For farmers who depend on their livestock for income, such incidents can lead to substantial financial losses.

Ecological Consequences

Beyond the harm to livestock, dogs chasing wildlife can have significant ecological impacts. Many wildlife species, especially birds and small mammals, are easily frightened by the presence of dogs.

The disruption of natural habitats can lead to the abandonment of nests and young, affecting breeding success and population dynamics. Additionally, predators may be drawn to vulnerable areas where livestock and wildlife seek refuge from dog-chasing, creating unbalanced ecosystems.

Legal Consequences

It’s essential to recognize that dog owners can be held legally responsible for the actions of their pets. In many regions, there are strict laws and regulations regarding dogs’ interaction with livestock and wildlife. In the event of an incident, owners may face fines, legal actions, or even have their dogs taken away.

The Role of Responsible Pet Ownership

As dog owners, it is our responsibility to prevent our pets from causing harm to livestock and wildlife. Here are some practical steps we can take:

a:  Training and Socialisation: Properly train your dog to respond to commands, including recall, and socialise them from an early age to reduce their prey drive.

b:  Leads and Supervision: Always keep your dog on a lead in areas with livestock or wildlife. Never leave your dog unattended where they can interact with these animals.

Raising Awareness

Share this information with fellow pet owners, friends, and family. By raising awareness about the dangers of dogs chasing livestock and wildlife, we can collectively work towards reducing such incidents and promoting responsible pet ownership.

Conclusion: Dogs are wonderful companions, but their interactions with livestock and wildlife require responsible management. By understanding the dangers of dogs chasing sheep and wildlife, we can take proactive steps to ensure the safety of these vulnerable animals while preserving the balance of our natural ecosystems. Let us join hands to foster a harmonious coexistence between our beloved pets and the wildlife and livestock that share our world.