Dog Behaviour Training Home Visits

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Are you struggling with common dog problems?

Keith Fallon, highly experienced canine behaviourist and master dog trainer, offers personalised home visits in and around the Cotswolds area to address a wide range of challenges faced by dog owners. From challenging behaviour, such as aggression and excessive barking to recall and chasing issues, Keith is here to guide you and your canine companion towards a harmonious and balanced life together.

Associate Member of the Canine & Feline Behaviour Association

A Holistic Approach Tailored to You and Your Dog

We understand that each dog is unique, as are their owners and their living situations. That’s why Keith takes a holistic approach, tailoring his advice and training techniques to suit your specific circumstances. By assessing not only your dog’s behaviour but also their environment, daily routine, and individual needs, Keith ensures a comprehensive and customised plan or course that addresses the root causes of the issues you’re facing.

Home Visits for Effective and Personalised Solutions around the Cotswolds Area

A home visit enables Keith to observe your dog’s behaviour in their natural environment and gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics at play. By working directly with you and your dog, Keith provides hands-on guidance and practical solutions to tackle the challenges you’re facing, helping you establish a positive and respectful relationship built on trust.

Addressing Common Dog Problems

No matter the issue you’re dealing with, Keith Fallon has the expertise to help. Whether your dog is exhibiting challenging behaviour, struggling with excessive barking, having recall difficulties, or chasing after things, Keith’s in-depth knowledge and experience allow him to identify the underlying causes and develop effective strategies to address them. With his guidance, you’ll gain the tools and techniques to manage and modify your dog’s behaviour successfully.

Why Choose Keith Fallon Canine Behaviourist and Master Dog Trainer?

  • Personalised home visits to address your specific challenges
  • Holistic approach that considers your dog’s individual needs and environment
  • Hands-on guidance and practical solutions tailored to your circumstances
  • Expertise in tackling common dog problems, including challenging behaviour, barking, recall, and chasing issues
  • Commitment to helping you build a positive and respectful relationship with your canine companion

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