Adult Dog Socialisation Classes in the Cotswolds

From £30

Who is this class for?

Adult dogs that need some extra socialisation for:

✅ Excitability around other dogs or people

✅ Reactive behaviour when encountering new situations

✅ Nervousness

(Terms: No Highly Aggressive dogs or dogs that have bitten without an assessment)

Methods and Benefits:

✅ A variety of calm, obedience exercises around the other dogs and owners

✅ Build confidence in both dog and owner

✅ How to manage a reactive dog

✅ Behaviour & Training Advice

When are the classes?

✅ Wednesdays at 11 am


✅ Our training field in Chedworth, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL54 4NQ

How much are the classes?

✅ £30 per session

How do I book/enquire/need more information

✅ Contact me using the Button below

“We found Keith online after an incident where our dog chased a sheep, and we enrolled in the sheep (anti) worrying course.  His training is confident, professional, and sensitive to the needs of our GSP – he has worked with us to implement exercises to reduce her desire to chase, but also to increase her focus on us.  The transformation following one session (with extensive home practicing afterwards) has shown remarkable improvements, and our second session has already promised to deliver further improvements.

More hard work for us in advance of future sessions, but we enjoy engaging with our GSP and seeing the improvements whilst also improving our relationship with her. Our GSP has responded really well to both Keith as a person, and the style of positive, reward based training that keys into her gundog instincts.”


16 Sept 2023

Get in touch to discuss your requirements:

    About Keith Fallon

    Keith Fallon, is a Master trainer and renowned Canine Behaviourist based in the Cotswolds. With a deep understanding of canine behaviour and years of hands-on experience, Keith Fallon is a trusted name in the dog training industry. His passion for dogs and commitment to their well-being have helped countless pet owners transform their mischievous or unruly dogs into obedient and happy members of the family.

    What sets Keith apart is his personalised approach to dog training. He understands that each dog is unique, with different temperaments, personalities, and learning styles. That’s why he takes the time to get to know both you and your dog, tailoring his training techniques to suit your specific needs and goals.